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Winners Announced in the 14th Annual Utah Innovation Awards

Eight innovations were announced as winners in the 14th annual Utah Innovation Awards, presented by Stoel Rives LLP and the Utah Technology Council. This statewide program, the first of its kind, recognizes innovations and the Utah companies that created them. The program is sponsored by Webb Audio Visual Communication, Utah STEM Action Center, Utah Business Magazine, Syringa Networks, Grant Thornton, Fluid, GoEngineer, ViaWest, Lone Peak Productions and USTAR. Winners were announced during a sold out Awards Luncheon today at the Hilton Salt Lake City Center.

The 2016 Utah Innovation Award winners are as follows:


Planetary Rotor Expander by Helidyne LLC

Helidyne has commercialized an innovative, high pressure Planetary Rotor gas expander.  The expander can be used in a variety of applications to convert waste gas pressure into renewable electricity.  Its radical 4 rotor design allows it to operate at pressures more than double its competition.



TAGSMYTH’s handheld RangeTRACKER is equipped with a compact directional antenna, which allows individuals to locate cattle that have been tagged with a lightweight RangeTAG from up to 4 miles away. With the RangeTAG and RangeTRACKER, producers can quickly and easily find their cattle.


SmartBeat by Photorithm

Smartbeat is a mobile/web platform that allows users to monitor their vital signs using a camera. Information such as heart rate is continuously recorded and uploaded for personal and healthcare needs.


Blyncsy by Blyncsy

Blyncsy uses sensor technology to anonymously collect data on the traffic and trends of the real world. This data offers Blyncsy’s customers the insights and data they need to make more informed and profitable decisions, and to build a better world through data.


PreTRM® Test by Sera Prognostics

PreTRM® is a simple blood test that predicts a mother’s individualized risk for preterm birth early in her pregnancy.  Predicting early allows doctors to proactively treat their patients, with the goal of improving the health of all babies and decreasing healthcare costs.


Light Line™ Catheter by Veritas Medical

Catheters are among the most commonly used and important medical tools. Yet, catheter-related bacterial infections kill thousands of American hospital patients every year. The Light Line™ Catheter visible light-phototherapy system targets and kills the bacteria, including drug resistant species, that cause these infections.


M-Vac Forensic DNA Collection Device by M-Vac Systems, Inc.

The M-Vac is a wet-vacuum DNA collection system.  It sprays DNA free solution onto a surface and simultaneously vacuums it up creating a turbulent collection environment.  It is used to collect DNA material from porous or rough surfaces on evidence or in the crime scene.


Snappower Guidelight by Snappower

The Snappower Guidelight is a unique replacement for the standard bulky plug-in night-light found in homes today. Three LED lights, including an automatic on/off sensor, are built directly into a cover-plate to add beautiful pathway lighting to any room in the home and in.

A committee of approximately 90 professionals from private industry, government and higher education evaluated and voted on program finalists and winners. The more than 100+ nominations were put through a rigorous evaluation process during which committee members evaluated each innovation against a wide range of criteria addressing elements such as novelty, market need, market disruption and potential/current economic impact.

Votes were tallied by the accounting firm Grant Thornton LLP.

400+ individuals attended the Awards Luncheon at the Hilton Salt Lake City Center. The program receives support from the Association of Corporate Growth, Manufacturing Extension Partnership, MountainWest Capital Network; the Wayne Brown Institute, and the Women Tech Council. For more information about the Utah Innovation Awards program please visit

About Stoel Rives LLP Stoel Rives is a business law firm providing counseling and litigation services to a wide range of clients throughout the United States.  The firm has more than 350 attorneys operating out of 11 offices in seven states, with a satellite office in Washington D.C.  Stoel Rives is regarded as a leader in corporate and intellectual property law, energy, natural resources, environmental, and litigation.  For more information, visit

About Utah Technology Council The Utah Technology Council is the essential resource for Utah’s over 5,200 science and technology companies seeking to develop management talent, improve Utah’s business environment and raise investment capital. Members can connect and share insights with industry peers, venture capital firms, professional service providers and government and academic leaders. Visit or call 801-568-3500.

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